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in Lafayette, LA
iPhone Repair Lafayette LA
We offer fair and competitive pricing to our customers
iPad Repair Lafayette LA
Most phone repairs can be done within 30-45 minutes.
Phone Repair Lafayette LA
We proudly warranty our products and services.
Handheld Gaming Devices
Screen Repairs-Handheld Gaming Devices.

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Now with 2 Locations in Lafayette!

2510A Johnston St. Lafayette, LA 70503


2429 W. Congress St. Lafayette, LA 70506


iPhone Screen Repair Lafayette LA

Smartphone Screen Repairs

By far the most common service performed today, our iPhone LCD screen repairs are performed by well qualified technicians, usually while you wait. So stop by today and let Express Phone Repairs fix your cracked phone screen today!

...more than just iPhone Repairs!

Yes, we repair a lot of iPhones in Lafayette, LA, but we do much, much more. We also offer screen repairs for other smartphones like Samsung Galaxy series and LG smartphones, along with laptop and MacBook screen repairs.
iPad Repair Lafayette LA

Smartphone Battery Replacement

If your smartphone or tablet are no longer holding the charge they used to when they were new, or if your device is no longer powering on, Express Phone Repairs may be able to help. Battery replacements and charging port repairs can usually be done the same day you bring in the device.  We stock batteries for all iPhones, all iPads, and most android phones; so we can provide quick phone battery replacement.

...Macbook & Laptop Repairs too!

The same goes for computer laptop charging problems and Macbook's too. Just like your phone, we can replace your battery or charging port in your laptop and help get you going again!
Computer Repair Lafayette LA

Computer Repairs

While smartphone repairs today seem to be much more common than computer repairs, we haven't forgotten about them either! If your computer is running slow, not powering on, or you feel needs a memory or hard drive upgrade, we can assist.  For reliable computer and laptop repair services, come see us.

...and Computer Virus Removal!

Computer viruses and malware are as nasty and pesky as ever.  If you feel your computer has been infected with a computer virus in Lafayette, LA, bring it in immediately for assistance.
Handheld Gaming Devices

Screen Repairs-Handheld Gaming Devices

If your handheld gaming device has a cracked screen or display not working, we can fix it. We do screen repairs on handheld gaming devices.